Think it. Do it. Share it. Prove it.

Monkeyboy! helps you get organized.

Think it.

Turn anything into an activity so you won't forget to get it done.

Do it.

Add all the details you need. Post messages, links, photos, videos. Then check it off.

Share it.

Let others know what you are up to and how they can help. Or make them do it.

Prove it.

When the situation demands it, prove that the job was done correctly.

Monkeyboy! helps you help everyone else get organized.

Think it.

Assign an activity to one or many people.

Do it.

Schedule activities and create subactivities.

Share it.

Share with friends, family and coworkers.

Prove it.

Choose what kind and how much proof you require.

Monkeyboy! offers help inside and out.

Life ain't simple, do you really expect a solution for managing it to be?





Monkeyboy! ain't your grandma's (or your millennial's) to-do app.

Enterprise grade functionality

Monkeyboy! packs a whole lotta functionality into your teeny tiny phone. Bottom line? We give you a powerful business process/workflow engine at your fingertips, to help you plan your day, week, month, life. You can take a task and break it down into highly specific details, even decide whether it has to be done in order, or ad hoc. You review, approve or reject again, and again, and again. Until work gets done just the way you want it done.

Consumer grade user experience

The difference between enterprise and consumer apps? Consumers don't have to use anything that does not instantly engage them. The result? Fearful app developers only build simple, single function apps, so nothing ever does enough. Monkeyboy! refuses to accept this pardigm. We believe you can start out simple, then layer in complexity, while making it easy for users to recall what does what. The benefits greatly outweigh the design challenges.

Fourth grade interface design

Shouldn't apps be fun to use? Even productivity apps like Monkeyboy!? Damn right! So we build an highly engaging, color-filled, animated, auditory treat for your eyes, fingers, ears and brain. Groovy geometric patterns and shapes! Skewymorphic icons! Bright colors! Cartoon sound effects! All packed into a single app. And yeah, you can turn it all off, or change the theme to something boring... if that's really who you are, deep down inside.

Monkeyboy! is a lot more
sophisticated than it looks... or acts.

Truly disruptive leaps are those that free thinking from the shackles of convention. Take the mobile revolution — it forces designers and developers to not only consider new ways of navigating limited real estate but also demands they develop a discipline for dealing with long dismissed concerns of limited bandwidth. Less becomes more. And adding in the native functionality of mobile devices such as messaging, geolocation, image and audio capture, along with the intrinsic mobile benefit of immediacy, entirely new ways of addressing previously solved problems and accepted standards are being successfully brought to market and will continue to emerge.

In spite of this disruptive opportunity, many mobile web applications and native apps continue to simply mimic traditional desktop apps or mobile OS design standards, or "patterns" — making them at best unimaginative, and at worst, a tremendous disservice to the end user.

To envision the foundation for what has evolved into the Monkeyboy! app, we took a long hard look at what we know really well — the intersections of business process, workflow, content and semantic technologies, and we asked ourselves what mobile could really do for us, and what we could do with it. While it took intertwining many disparate conceptual threads to achieve clarity, it came down to one core notion — proof. Mobile provides instantaneous visual and audio evidence correlated by time and location — proof. Proof business processes are executing properly, proof tasks and workflows are satisfied and can be approved or rejected at any time, from any place.

Powerful stuff.

So we went back to the drawing board and pored our decades of knowledge and expertise (and patented business process engine) into designing and building a thorough and comprehensive user experience unlike any other process or workflow tool.

You are welcome.

Now get to work!

Sorry, no longer available for iOS or Android.